Modernize your payment system for your business


Modernize your payment system for your business

With the development of the Internet, new opportunities in the e-commerce industry have emerged. The implementation of online payments has benefited not only the customers who can pay for their purchases, but also the retailers, in an easy and fast way.

Payment gateway - what is it?

The easiest way to explain the payment gateway is to think about a designed system for your online store or any e-commerce platform where customers can pay for your products or services with Bitcoin. When making a payment, the customer may use the displayed QR code or simply transfer the funds to the account. This is a quick way to make a payment, after which the recipient pays the funds to his or her portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It does this by importing the private key to the application. You can check out our proposition of sending Bitcoin online -

Who can use it?

Anyone who accepts payments from customers via the internet can implement Bitcoin payment gateway on their site. This has already benefited many large companies. Since 2014 Expedia has become one of the largest travel agencies that have introduced the Bitcoin payment gateway. In addition to Expedia, you can find a lot of companies in the travel industry that give the possibility of paying with cryptocurrency. Why? Because it is an easier way to make payments without having to convert your funds. Thanks to this, the buyer does not lose on the fees collected by the bank during an exchange. Exemplary companies are Daedalus Drones, AirBaltic and Polish Airlines Flight. In addition to the travel industry, the first major retailer that decides to accept Bitcoins as a payment for purchases was However, there was a problem with a limited number of offline places where you could pay with cryptocurrency. For this reason, the portal has been established, which mediates the purchase of gift cards for hundreds of stores. This allows the customer to buy a gift card paying Bitcoin. Examples of stores or service providers that have used Bitcoin payment gateways in their company are many. This is a particularly useful service when customers use a different currency than preferred one in the online store because it allows them to avoid unnecessary costs.

Why is it worth to invest in Bitcoin?